The Power of Your Vision is in the Details

What is your vision?

What do your dreams look like?

Is it a dream house?

A cool new car?

A dream vacation?

Your “why” is deeply personal to you. It’s never about the money but what the money gives you the ability to accomplish. It’s what keeps you going even on the days you may just want to quit.

A “why” is about what you can do for others not just yourself. It’s something only you can figure out.

That’s some serious stuff but…it’s also cool to be able to dream about treating yourself to the things you’d like to have. Some things may just be for you but a lot of times it’s also for your sweetheart , your children, your parents, your siblings or friends.

When I bought my house some 8 years ago it was perfect for me at the time. Small but had everything I  needed and wanted including a yard so I could finally get a dog.

Well now it’s me, my honey, 3 dogs and a cat. I’ve also had enough of the winters here in Pennsylvania. When I bought this house I was your average non-dreamer working a job and hoping for the best.

Now I want more. I want everything. My new house will overlook the beach and have plenty of room. You may have a vision of your dream house too but do you have the details?

Let me give you an example of what I mean. I woke up one morning and noticed a little razor burn on my leg. I know you ladies can relate, rushing in the shower, you can barely see what you’re doing and some days it looks like the shower scene from the movie “Psycho”.

I thought to myself I want a giant shower stall with the built in benches!

Some of you are thinking “Really? That’s your dream?”

That’s not the point. It’s knowing the details. How many rooms? How big? How high are the ceilings? How’s the furniture arranged? Are your neighbors close or very far away.

How do you feel?

I wake up with the morning sun streaming into the bedroom. It’s warm and bright beckoning me out of bed to experience another glorious day.

I grab my coffee and head out to the deck. I sit in my favorite lounge chair away from the pool. The view is breath taking. The lush mountains surrounding my home. The white beach in the near distance.

The early morning breeze washes over me. The birds are singing their morning welcome. The sun nourishes my spirit. Now the love of my life has finally got his ass out of bed. Life is as it should be and all is right with the world.

Get where I’m coming from? Craft your dream with details and feeling. See your dream. Feel your dream. Now go and start bringing your vision to life. Have fun!


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emedoutlet - March 19, 2012

very clear definition of Vision. Vision is everything. Vision is life. Its synonym of life. Vision is hope that keeps you going even if you can not reach your vision. very inspiration post. thanks…

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