Mindset Lessons From A Fortune Cookie And A Turtle

Fortune cookie wisdom to build your mlm business

I went to lunch with my mom today we ate, we talked pretty much like any other lunch date.

At the end of our meal we got our bill and a fortune cookie. I always open and read my fortune, it’s fun.

It’s usually you’re average “fortune” but this one held an important lesson.

It said:

“We are made to persist. That’s how we find out who we are.”

As network marketers we always talk about consistency and discipline and contained within that is persistence. The dictionary says persistence is the act of  persisting, especially in spite of opposition, obstacles, discouragement, etc.

That definition sounds like it was written by a network marketer!

Success in building your business is simple but then again so is jumping out of a plane. Simple doesn’t make it easy. That’s why personal development is so important to your success. Any one can be taught the skill sets. Any one can be given the tools to develop mindset but ultimately change comes from the inside out.

External forces cannot make permanent change without the internal will.

I know that from personal experience. Coming out of an event ready to conquer the world only to have that sabotaging little voice within saying “oh no you can’t”.

A lot of us have gone through life listening to many voices some yelling loudly some just whispers but each with the same message. Life is full of “lack” all you can do is hope things work out for the best.

So how dare you think you can live the life of your dreams!

So what the hell does a turtle have to do with any of this? While I was waiting for my mom I was looking at a “pond” inside the restaurant. It had some fish and a few turtles. Behind the waterfall was the pump and filtration system.

The system created a strong current going in one direction in which a turtle was swimming against. He would swim as hard as he could making it half way and then getting forced back. Over and over he tried.

He could have chosen to go the other direction and easily made it to calm waters. He then could have taken it easy and sat around unchallenged. Okay so I’m not a turtle I don’t really know what turtles like to do but being the turtle was stuck in a fake pond what else can he do?

The pond that we are swimming around in is called life.

You need to decide if you want to sit around unchallenged, drowning in complacency and mediocrity or if want to swim against the current. The current of naysayers, dream stealers, skeptics and others who have decided to sit at the bottom of the pond.

Deciding to swim against the current is simple. Actually doing it is not easy in the beginning. The more you grow the easier it gets. You find that nothing catastrophic is going to happen to you. You’ll find that success does look good on you.

Old habits and thinking don’t want to let go without a fight. Consistency, discipline and persistence are always going to be necessary.  But what the hell at least you get to live life on your own terms.

I don’t want to be sitting at the bottom of the pond. It hurts my ass.

Janet Napora

 To Your Wildly Successful Life!

 Janet Napora

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emedoutlet - March 19, 2012

Very inspiring post. I liked the turtle pond example. Life is full of “lack” all you can do is hope and work hard on that things work out for the best. More you work, more it gets easier. Consistent efforts make the task easy.  Consistency, discipline and persistence are always going to be necessary as backbone of success.

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