Congruent marketing funnel

Congruency and consistency may not sound exciting but they are mandatory in your marketing. Have you ever clicked on an interesting headline and ended up at something totally different? Something that had nothing to do with what you were expecting? It's annoying.

​If you're not congruent you'll waste money on advertising, alienate any community you've built and be reported for spam. You'll get frustrated and wonder why you're not making sales or recruiting new team members. You'll end up telling yourself "This thing doesn't work".

​What you need to do is get from point A to point B (whatever you're goal is) in a consistent way.

Marketing Funnel

​What Does congruence mean?

​agreement or harmony; compatibility synonyms:consistency, conformity, match, balance

Think of your marketing funnel as a story. Your ad or social media post is the beginning of the story, as you work your way through your funnel each step should be a continuation of the story. I'm pretty sure you never read a story that went "Once upon a time in an enchanted forest, a beautiful princess...robbed the liquor store and went on a killing spree".

​Being consistent throughout the process to make your leads stay with you is the goal and consistency will also get your ads approved. Facebook is still a great, inexpensive way to advertise. Sometimes it's hard to tell what they're looking for but a consistent and productive experience is one thing they're trying to supply for their users. I don't use Adwords but I'm sure they're also looking after their users experience.

​What are some things to consider to apply congruence?

  • Carry the headline or message through
  • Deliver what you promised
  • Use the same voice or language
  • Consistently providing value
  • Continue the story

When you set an expectation for your target market you better follow through. There's a lot of noise and competition for your audiences attention. Getting it is only the first step, keeping it is another thing.

We all expect to get what we've been promised. It's not about just getting a sale but building trust and rapport. You can't have the answer for everyone but you can be the answer for some and that should be good enough.​

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