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How To Upload A Custom Thumbnail To A Youtube Video

If you've ever uploaded videos to Youtube you've had some less than awesome thumbnails. Well that's easy to fix. So if you want to change that thumbnail where you look like you're drunk or your eyes are closed or whatever it only takes a minute or two. You can make the thumbnail anything you want that relates to what your video is about. It doesn't matter if it's a taking head [...]

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The First Rule of Attraction Marketing

I remember the first time I saw him. His sun kissed blond hair and bright blue eyes. He smiled, I blushed. I was painfully shy, unsure of myself but he saw something in me. I don't know exactly what is was, I was just being myself.  We smiled at each other all the time, exchanging glances across the room, sharing whispers. My heart was broken a short time later when his fat [...]

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Marketing is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Driving traffic, lead generation and email marketing are all skills you need to have to build your business. There's something else you need to achieve long term success... the right mindset. Without it you won't be able to push through the bad days or the days when it seems obstacles are being thrown your way. Marketing is the tip of the iceberg, personal development is [...]

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Find Your Purpose

Many of us go about our day to day lives on autopilot. How often have yourself "why"? Why do I do the things I do, what's my purpose? That is a question you should ask yourselfbut you may not have looked deep enough to really answer that question. Without a clear purpose you won't truly reach your goals. Fulfilment will be beyond your grasp. Here are some of my thoughts. [...]

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Who Are The Network Marketing Leaders?

One of the most important elements of Network Marketing is to leverage your time. Success is about having control over how you spend your time or time freedom. That's where the people in your downline come into play and the true beauty of MLM. Once you sponsor someone into your business it's your responsibility to train them. Your main goal is to teach them the skills tha [...]

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Mindset Lessons From A Fortune Cookie And A Turtle

I went to lunch with my mom today we ate, we talked pretty much like any other lunch date. At the end of our meal we got our bill and a fortune cookie. I always open and read my fortune, it's fun. It's usually you're average "fortune" but this one held an important lesson. It said: "We are made to persist. That's how we find out who we are." As network marketers

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Are You Building Your Business with the Emergency Brake On?

One day while leaving the store I could tell there was something wrong with the way my car was running. Then I noticed a warning light and realized I had left the emergency brake on. If you only drive a few feet your car will be fine but if you drive around all day with the emergency brake on you're going to have major problems. Your emergency brake is basically a safe [...]

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The Power of Your Vision is in the Details

What is your vision? What do your dreams look like? Is it a dream house? A cool new car? A dream vacation? Your "why" is deeply personal to you. It's never about the money but what the money gives you the ability to accomplish. It's what keeps you going even on the days you may just want to quit. A "why" is about what you can do for others not just [...]

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