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Why You Should Use Pinterest For Marketing

There are 70 million users on Pinterest. Customers spend more money when converted from a pinterest referral than any other social media referral. That statistic should be enough to get you excited about marketing on Pinterest. There are however some thing you need to understand about who uses Pinterest and how to serve them best. Here's a great infographic to get you starte [...]

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10 High Quality Free Image Sites For Visual Marketing

​Are you using interesting images in your marketing?Visual content is becoming more important these days. Social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram are becoming popular ways to share information and even Twitter posts with images get higher engagement. It can be daunting to find high quality images that compliment what you're trying to say whether on social media or you [...]

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Keep Your Marketing Funnel Congruent

Congruency and consistency may not sound exciting but they are mandatory in your marketing. Have you ever clicked on an interesting headline and ended up at something totally different? Something that had nothing to do with what you were expecting? It's annoying.​If you're not congruent you'll waste money on advertising, alienate any community you've built and be reported for [...]

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Can You See Through Me? The Fear Of Transparency

I sit at my computer thinking of the things I should get done. I wonder if I have what it takes to succeed, to reach a goal that feels like an impossibility. Can you see through me?Am I a fraud?Am I worthy?I only have one answer.Stop worrying about what I can't do and do what I can. If you spend all your time worrying about what you're not good at, you'll never be good at any [...]

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Who Are The Network Marketing Leaders?

One of the most important elements of Network Marketing is to leverage your time. Success is about having control over how you spend your time or time freedom. That's where the people in your downline come into play and the true beauty of MLM. Once you sponsor someone into your business it's your responsibility to train them. Your main goal is to teach them the skills tha [...]

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Mindset Lessons From A Fortune Cookie And A Turtle

I went to lunch with my mom today we ate, we talked pretty much like any other lunch date. At the end of our meal we got our bill and a fortune cookie. I always open and read my fortune, it's fun. It's usually you're average "fortune" but this one held an important lesson. It said: "We are made to persist. That's how we find out who we are." As network marketers [...]

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The Power of Your Vision is in the Details

What is your vision? What do your dreams look like? Is it a dream house? A cool new car? A dream vacation? Your "why" is deeply personal to you. It's never about [...]

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Are You Building Your Business with the Emergency Brake On?

One day while leaving the store I could tell there was something wrong with the way my car was running. Then I noticed a warning light and realized I had left the emergency brake on. If you only drive a few feet your car will be fine but if you drive around all day with the emergency brake on you're going to have major problems. Your emergency brake is basically a safe [...]

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